I'll See You Anon

In this self portrait series I assume the performative role of a white-masked figure, manifestation of numerous inner demons and photograph myself in an array of different environments and scenarios. 



The series emphasises a universal connection of man to nature. Using florals to mask the dominant facial features of the male subject "fragility" strikes a balance between the masculine and feminine psyche. 


this still life;

“this still life;” is a sort of coming of age story, compiling images from what I see every day and places where I feel comfortable, familiar. The series offers an appreciation for the way life is right now and to acknowledge that things don't have to be moving forward at full speed - sometimes its just about stopping and seeing what’s right in front of you



scream queen

Inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman, “Scream Queen” concerns my desire to change the perceptions of gender identity in cinema. The short collection addresses my experience with the slasher film; the male gaze, how people look at me and how I look at myself. 


utopia tomorrow

"Utopia Tomorrow" documents the last days of the high rise flats in Cumbernauld. Exploring these derelict spaces there was a comforting nostalgia of what these buildings used to be - homes to hundreds of people. However a palpable sense of pathos lingered in the air: soiled clothes; broken furniture; children's handprints; sockets ripped out of walls and clean patches of wall where old pictures would hang - echoing the lives of those who once called these places home. 


the eye of pica

"The Eye of Pica" is a fashion based contemporary portrait series inspired by old british nursery rhyme "One for Sorrow".


Euan Kinloch 

is a contemporary portrait, Glasgow based photographer currently  working towards a BA (Honours) in Photography at the University of the West of Scotland.